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Call or email for Oriole's Ticket/Charter information.  captainjoe@experiencesail.com 302-545-8149 scroll down for brief description.

Summer is in full swing!

For all of you wine lovers I've made a new connection with Crow Vineyard, Winery and Farm Stay Bed and Breakfast in Kennedysville.  If you are arriving from the north you will drive past the winery located just off Rt. 213.   It makes a great gift!

Sailing May-October, 

Sip, Stay, Sail Package:
Check in at Crow Farm B&B in the afternoon and stretch your legs.  Enjoy a tour of the winery and wine tasting, pick a bottle of wine (one per couple) to keep.  Judy will pack a picnic style dinner for you to bring on your sail, don't forget your bottle of wine.  A 25 minute drive will bring you to Swan Creek on Maryland's eastern shore where your will be treated to a three hour private sunset sail for two.  Return to Crow Farms for a night in the country and breakfast in the morning.  $650 per couple, plus tax. Discounts available for groups of 4-6 sailing together.

Hope to see you soon!

If you are interested in purchasing a Gift Certificate  just give me a call at (302) 545-8149 or email captainjoe@experiencesail.com  You can pay online below and I will have it out to you the same day.  You do not need
to pick a date now.

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Standard Sailboat Charters

All sailboat charters are for a maximum of 6 guests and include non alcoholic beverages and snacks unless otherwise noted.  You may bring your own food and drink.  Anyone who decides to take anti-motion sickness medication should do so per the instructions, this usually requires taking several hours before coming aboard.  During the warmer months of summer you may wish to take a dip or just get wet while sitting on the rail, so be prepared.  Sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats will make your experience more enjoyable.  You are welcome to bring music via CD or IPOD.

While this is not a contact sport, you should understand that the boat will 
heel under sail and pitch and roll from wave action.  If you have 
a condition that does not allow you to do stairs or easily get motion sickness this is probably not for you.  I am willing to make every effort for  anyone with physical challenges but special requirements need to be discussed prior to booking.

3 Hour Private Sail for up to six persons $450

Charters can be scheduled morning, mid-day, and sunset (times vary with seasons).  

A couple of notes regarding individual bookings, this means there may be additional guests on board.  I will sail the boat so everyone remains comfortable and has a good time.  So if someone is a little uncomfortable heeling or maybe physically unable to take the motion, I will tone it down.  If you want to sail the boat to her potential and “put the rail in the water”…book the boat.  If you have any issues, such as seasickness, and don't want to inconvenience anyone else....book the boat.  If you want to drive the boat for 3 hours, take specific photography or control the music....book the boat.  I will work with you, give me a heads up. Also, don’t be late.  If anyone has a time constraint that would not allow us to stay out for the full 3 hours, we will leave without you or we will return on time resulting in a shortened charter.


Full Day Charters - $950/ boat

Full day charters will begin at 10am and return to the dock at 5pm.  You can decide the itinerary, we can sail all day or choose to anchor at one of the many beaches were you can swim and explore.

Mini cruise - Choose a destination such a Baltimore, Annapolis, etc. and we plan the trip around sailing there and spending a couple of hours in port and then returning all in the same day.  Or I may be able to stage the boat there and then we can leave and return to your port of choice.  Fee  negotiated based on itinerary.

Team Building - $1200/day/boat

Bring your office team out for a day on the water, 9a-5p.  Learn basic sail racing strategies and compete in a mock race against the clock or another boat.  Teams can crew in groups up to six per boat.  Learn crew positions, tacking, jibing on a windward/leward course.  Food and drink available, additional chargers if you want the boat(s) staged in another port such as 
Annapolis, Baltimore, Saint Michael's, ect...

There are endless options, give me a call.

Orioles Games

Well, the O's had a great year but just couldn't complete the run.    Day games can be done in one day, it's a long day starting at 8am and finishing up with a sunset sail home after the game.  All games can be done with an overnight staying in the harbor at a marina, typically in the Harbor East area which is walking distance to the stadium, Little Italy, Fells Point, and of course, the Inner Harbor attractions.  If you do not wish to stay on board the boat there are several hotels in close proximity that you can book.  I will discount the overnight trip $150/couple if you choose to stay on land.  We will sail home after breakfast.  If you have your own tickets we can work that out too.

Single Day - $1,000
Overnight - $1,850

I know what you're thinking, that's a lot of money for a baseball game.  That may be true, but if you consider the cost to charter a 50ft sailboat, with a captain, for a couple days, stay in the Inner Harbor, and great memories.....you get more than just a baseball game.

Multiple Day Charters

Weekday one night - $1,850
Two night - $2,650
Three night - $3,550

Midweek Special - Monday noon to Friday Noon - $3,950
Friday noon - Sunday 4pm - $3,100
Full Week - $5,500

Two private double cabins and one head with shower.  two additional persons may sleep comfortably in the salon.  Additional charges include provisions, fuel, docking, and pumpout.  Linens are provided.

Boat Handling/Sailing Instruction

Yours - $400/4 hours (additional fees may apply based on your boats location)

Have a new boat, recently moved up in size, or just need to build more confidence?  If we were talking about golf you probably wouldn't hesitate to take a lesson or two.  It's important to understand that there is no substitute for time on the water.  When we see other captains who can back down a long fairway and turn into a slip without touching a piling or wonder why we are healing more than the other boats that are going faster the answer can almost always be experience.  It is not reasonable to think that you will become proficient by using your boat once a month or by repetitively making the same mistakes.  Together we will analyze your personal situation, discuss slip/dockage, getting underway and returning to the dock, and of course sailing.  We can also talk about equipment selection to make your experience more fulfilling, much of the time will be determined by you and what you want to cover.  The ultimate goal is to increase your confidence and get you out on the water more often.

Mine - $600/4 hours

With the same goals as the "Yours" package but on my boat.  This allows me to take you out and show you what you can do on your own boat.  This package is intended to be a more challenging situation.  Ideally, we would plan a day with a forecast of 15-20 knots, with a some flexibility, this is not as hard as you may think.  If that forecast usually keeps you in the slip then this package is for you.  We will cover docking, reefing, heaving to, and all points of sail.  You will have the ability to adjust sail controls and gain a better understanding of purpose and effect.  

It is a great opportunity to get in conditions that may otherwise be intimidating.  Bring your significant other or like minded captains and share the experience together.  The goal remains the same, more experience equals a better time on your own boat.

Yours and Mine - $800/8 hours total (additional fees may apply based on your boats location)

Combine the packages above for the most benefit.    It will be your choice whose boat we use first, but I would suggest mine.  That will give us a chance to get acquainted and for me to understand what you desire to gain from the session on your boat.  It will give you an opportunity to take what you learn from our sail together and re-evaluate what you may need.  When it comes time to step on your boat we will be able to hit the ground running. 

I strongly feel that this package will not disappoint.

Expand Your Horizons, Do an overnighter
Are you jealous when you meet transients from those not so far off places?  Its easy to dream about sailing around the world, but sailing around the bay doesn't have to take 3 months of vacation.  The Chesapeake Bay is 160 NM long, a distance that most cruisers can cover in 30 hours.  If you were in Havre de Grace you could leave today at noon and be having dinner in Norfolk tomorrow.  Cape May to Block Island is 200 NM, 36 hours conservatively.

Many destinations open up to you when you can sail around the clock.  Now I'm not talking about needing a full crew and developing a watch system right off the bat.  I'm talking about covering miles when you would otherwise be docked or anchored.   Finish work on Friday and get to the marina at 8pm, it's a beautiful night what do you do?  Do you push off and enjoy the stars and moon and drop the hook in the best spot at your favorite anchorage or do you plan on an early start Saturday morning?

Sailing at night doesn't have to be intimidating, with common sense planning it can be a great experience.  Join me for a night, Voila is equipped with RADAR and a chart plotter at the helm for safety, but we can turn all that off and use the paper to guide us through the night.  Depending on conditions we will leave the dock at Swan Creek and enjoy the sunset, we will then navigate to Annapolis, Baltimore, or Havre de Grace and back.  

Anything is Possible

Specialty Trips

Fireworks, weddings, engagements, Blue Angels or whatever you can think.  Make it an extra special day on the water.


Moved, new job, or racing and need to the move the boat?  Whether you just want another captain along for the ride or you need trust someone to get your baby where she needs to be, let's discuss it.  Deliveries can hardly be summed up in a couple of sentences.  Speaking for myself, I don't think I could trust a stranger found through a couple of clicks on the web nor could I agree to deliver a strange boat sight unseen.  Now if you have a new Swan 70 or a Gunboat 66 I am your man and will take the job boat unseen.  Otherwise please contact me and we can discuss your specific boat and delivery requirements. 
A few recent deliveries:
Jeanneau 45DS - Miami to Greenport, NY
Beneteau 50 - Chessy to Charleston
Catalina 455 - Riverside, NJ to Stonington, CT
Catalina 42 - OCNJ to Riverside, NJ
Beneteau 45 - Riverside, NJ to Wickford, RI
Jeanneau 50 - Rock Hall, MD to Cape Canaveral, FL
Catalina 350 - New Bern, NC to Rock Hall, MD
Catalina 315 - Riverside, NJ to NYC
Beneteau Sense 50 - Riverside, NJ to Newport, RI