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Chesapeake to Oriental

The Trip

Passages between Worton Creek on the upper Chesapeake Bay and Oriental, NC via the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (ICW).  Multiple trips will be scheduled based on demand beginng late October through April.

Who should come?

Anyone and everyone.  I have made this passage both with crew and singlehanded.  This is an oppurtunity for anyone who wants to gain experience with vessel preparation for an extended voyage, over night passages, and an introduction to the most traveled portion of the ICW.

What will you gain?

First and foremost, on water experience.  There is so much information out there, online or in books, opinions are everywhere on countless forums, but you never really know what works for you until you try.  Upon completion of the trip you will know at least one way that works, and along the way there will be plenty of discussion.  

Crew will participate in every aspect of the voyage including navigation, standing watches, and of course, sailing.  During the trip we will discuss preparations of the vessel, captain, and crew.  Learn draw bridge and lock procedures (etiquette).

Why should I pay you?

"I see boats traveling south all over the web and I only have to pay my way."  That's true and the decision is up to you.  This is not a delivery.  I encourage everyone to seek out what is best for them.  I can tell you this, the boat will be clean and ship shape, ready for the trip.  She will not be cluttered with an entire winters worth of rations and clothes.  A dinghy will not take up the foredeck, block the view a stern or be a liability on a tow.  The rig, sails, and electronics will be in working order and the captain prepared and willing to teach.  You will be able to count on and trust me, without putting us in harms way, we will leave as scheduled, enjoy 5 days on the water, and return on time (of course I can't control the weather and breakdowns do happen). 

You are paying me for an experience.  You could pay less or a whole lot more.

Itinerary - north to south

Day 1 & 2 - Leave Rock Hall and travel to Norfolk/Portsmouth, this could non-stop, weather dependent It may be an overnight trip down the bay departing before noon and arriving during daylight hours or just a really long day.  If ahead of schedule we will continue to Chesapeake, VA.  Regardless, the night will be spent at a marina with hot showers for all. 

Day 3 - Southbound in the Ditch, the day will take us to or through Coinjock depending on our previous days progress.  If starting the day in Norfolk/Portsmouth will be spend the night in Coinjock otherwise the night will be spent on anchor.

Day 4 - More of the Ditch including the Albermarle Sound, Alligator and Pungo Rivers/Canal.  The night will be spent on anchor.

Day 5 - Cross the Pamlico River, Goose Creek, Bay River and enter the Neuse River.  Arrive in Oriental and go out on the town.

Day 6 - Your free to go, we could rent a car together, fly, or part ways.


Rate is inclusive of:  
Provisions on the boat (a full menu will be presented at time of booking, I'm a pretty good cook but you are expected to cook too.  We are a crew.)
All vessel expenses (fuel, dockage, etc.)

Not Included:
Transportation to the boat in Rock Hall or from our destination.            
Any gear (foul weather, boots, gloves) or personal items.  After booking we can discuss what you should bring.
Dinners in port (when at a marina we will dine out)

Cost is $5900, two couples each with their on private cabin sharing a head.

Book Now - captainjoe@experiencesail.com